1. Q: Are LEAP participants compensated?
    A: Yes, LEAP is a remunerated program that offers a competitive compensation.
  2. Q: Are LEAP participants considered Microsoft employees?
    A: Although the program is sponsored by Microsoft the participants are NOT Microsoft employees. In order to participate in this program, candidates must sign-up as vendors with the chosen contracting company.
  3. Q: Do you offer relocation assistance?
    A: Unfortunately, we do not offer a relocation package. You must consider these expenses before accepting the offer to participate in the program.
  4. Q: Are LEAP participants placed in full-time roles after the program?
    A: No, employment is NOT guaranteed at the end of the program. By the same token however, you are not obligated to accept a job offer made by Microsoft.
  5. Q: Is this program for software development only?
    A: LEAP’s mission is to create an environment where diverse candidates can build strong engineering skills and help increase diversity in our company. Currently the focus of this program is to develop software developers for the core engineering groups.
  6. Q: Is this a full-time, immersive program?
    A: Yes. LEAP is a 16-week immersive program. It is not likely you can work two full-time jobs.
  7. Q: Can anyone apply?
    A: Anyone is encouraged to apply.
  8. Q: What does a typical daily schedule look like?
    A: First 7 weeks:
    • 9am: Arrive at assigned Microsoft building
    • 10am - 12am: Lecture (min of 3x/wk)
    • 12pm – 1pm: Lunch
    • 1pm – 5pm: Labs
    For the remaining weeks you will work with your project team.


  1. Q: Does LEAP offer a finder's fee?
    A: No, Microsoft does not pay a finder’s fee to any college/university/coding academy from which we recruit.
  2. Q: Are you only recruiting from coding academies?
    A: No, LEAP recruits talent from non-traditional venues, such as coding academies, as well from accredited colleges and universities. We are particularly interested in recruiting women and underrepresented minorities, but we encourage anyone to apply.
  3. Q: Can my organization reference LEAP program in our marketing material?
    A: We are currently developing those guidelines which will allow partners to display the Microsoft LEAP logo on your website as well as other marketing publications.